Aiming to enhance the quality of people's indoor and outdoor life, we produce home and contract fabrics with fire retardant, UV protection and high color-fastness to light.


Are you a person who pursues a good taste in decor style? Let's Create your personal space in your house, garden, office, etc.
Decoration provides us with a mood and also gives mental relaxation to the people. It's necessary to consider certain things before buying upholstery fabric. Home decor style? Seasonal decorating? Need to be durable and capable of lasting for many years? Good value for the money? These factors will influence the type of fabrics you choose.

"There are so many brands of home decoration fabrics in the world, why do you need Honmyue?" In addition to providing fabrics of various designs to get with the times, we pay more attention to the benefits of fabric functionality. Outdoor furniture fabrics are our major product. Depending on their requirements, they can be waterproof, durable, UV-block, or even antibacterial, making exposure to the weather without damage. All of them will pass rigorous physical property tests. Aiming to enhance the quality of people's indoor and outdoor life.


Solar Screen Fabric
HONYI's Solar Screen is a durable and tough Vinyl Mesh synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester woven yarn that is formulated to withstand solar abuse and endure years of outdoor use. Each of our roller shade fabrics have unique features that designed performance based on our customer's needs. Whether withstand solar abuse, meeting environmental standards or antimicrobial protection. They also contribute to reduced cooling and energy costs while delivering a refined finish to any space.
 Solar Screen Fabric
Outdoor Furniture Fabric
Our vinyl mesh fabrics offer technical performance that guarantees the quality and durability to enhance your outdoor furniture. This fabric is ideal for sling furniture, sun Lounger and breathable panels that includes many different weaves, colors and constructions. The comfortable outdoor furniture fabric guarantee a pleasant seating comfort. We offer a broad range of designs with delicate texture and rugged of texture.
Outdoor Furniture Fabric
Home Furnishing Textile
Our Home Furnishing Fabrics collection include window covering fabrics and sofa fabrics. The fabric collections are worked out in a variety of colors, qualities and patterns, offering a solution to every style.
Home Furnishing Textile
Specialty Fabrics
Our well-built, reliable, and economical vinyl mesh fabric specifically for the specialty application and technical fabrics. We manufactures a multi-purpose range of vinyl mesh products for strong and economical Mesh Truck Tarps, Pool Fence Mesh, Horse Rug Mesh and shoes application.
Specialty Fabrics

Technical specifications

In order to effectively control the quality, we conduct physical property testing of various fabrics.
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM D5034)
  • Tearing Strength (ASTM D2261)
  • Color Fastness to light (ISO 105 B02:2000)
  • Anti-Bacteria (ASTM G21-96)

Certificates For Solar Screen Fabric

What kind of fabric may you need?

Honmyue specializes in the field of indoor&outdoor furniture fabrics, committed to providing fabrics of various styles and functions to everyone who is looking for furniture materials. Are you facing the following daily life? Let's recommend several types of fabrics for you.
  • UV Block Protective
    Proper exposure is needed, but the excessive intrusive presence of sunlight can be bothersome. Also, it's the damage that causes over time to furniture and fabrics. The solution? You need fabric with UV block protective, which can deduct the excessive sunlight. Let's start building your sunny dream home!
  • Easy Clean
    If you have children, this may happen often - Drinks are spread all over the couch or scribbling on furniture. Don't get angry! You can try our durable fabric, cleaning them less of a nightmare and saving you time.
  • Energy Saving
    The planet is warming much faster than ever. Air conditioners are essential equipment to maintain a comfortable temperature in hot months. The resulting costs also cause a lot of burden on each family. How to reduce energy consumption? You can try our solar screen fabric which blocks the heat entering your room.
  • Fire Retardant
    Most people's furniture does not have a fire protection function. Once on fire, it will develop extremely rapidly and is difficult to put out. Life safety needs special attention. Try our fire retardant fabric to protect the safety of your living space.
  • High-Level Strength
    The hurricane is a destructive force of nature. Any of which can cause damage or devastation when they hit land where people live. To minimize damage to your home during a hurricane, you can try our compact hurricane fabric. Due to its high-level strength, it can place over your windows, doors, and garage to protect your home while under a wind load.
  • Anti-mold and Antibacterial
    Get comfy on the outdoor sofa in your garden or balcony, perfect for you to spend lazy summer afternoons. But in the monsoon or rainy season, sofas are easy to become mold breeding grounds. Exposure to moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects. So how can you keep mold out of your furniture? You can try our anti-mold and antibacterial fabric, to help you to get rid of mold.


  • Interior / Exterior Solar Screen
  • Furniture
  • Cushion/Pillow
  • Roller Shade
  • Roman Blinds
  • Panel Blinds
  • Sun lounger
  • Breathable Panels
  • Sofa
  • Covering
  • Pool Fence
  • Truck Tarps
  • Horse Rug
  • Hurricane Protection

The above displays aren't the extent of what you can do with. Feel free to ask us if we can apply this fabric to your product.

Honmyue is a wholesale fabric suppliers in Taiwan. Discover our HOME &CONTRACT FABRIC , You won't regret it!

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Solar Screen Fabric

Solar Screen Fabric

Solar Screen Fabric
Outdoor Furniture Fabric

Outdoor Furniture Fabric

Outdoor Furniture Fabric
Home Furnishing Textile

Home Furnishing Textile

Home Furnishing Textile
Specialty Fabrics

Specialty Fabrics

Specialty Fabrics