We provide a wide range of functional and high value-added woven fabrics for daily life,
our strength is to connect to customers and develop in line with market trends.


Quality, Cost and Delivery are three key customer requirements. We have total ownership of our production processing system. In that way, we are able to adjust our production line to match customer needs. Currently, Honmyue have more than 1500 looms which can supply over 25 million yards per month. Moreover, all the orders are precisely inspected to make sure good quality can be shipped.

more than 1500 looms; over 25 million yards per month


To provide fabrics that hold the world together.

As an innovation and solid technical fabric supplier, we have 50 years experience as a sensitivity to current trends, we have been consistently dedicated to new developments in order to match our markets with fast reaction, diversity of products and technical innovation.

We have 50 years experience


We Listen to Our Planet. And Improve.

As members in the global arena, we follow a 3R (Recycled/Reduce/Reuse) principle to develop sustainable fabric, such as recycled polyester fabric manufactured from waste PET bottles. We do not use new petroleum and thus effectively conserve natural resources and reduce the burden on the environment without compromising quality. Solution dyed (Dope Dyed) fabric from mixed color mother chip and regular polymer, we are able to skip the dying process in order to reduce CO2 emissions as well as chemical and energy waste. Solution Dyed fabric has superior colorfastness performance. 


In addition to Honmyue's quality management system (ISO 9001) certification, we continue to develop more environmentally friendly products and attach importance to sustainable development. Since 2009, we have obtained the bluesign® certification of the highest standard of Swiss textile environmental protection. In addition, we have obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for the development of medical businesses.


In order to effectively control the product quality, Honmyue has set-up a complete constant temperature and humidity laboratory, and employs professionally trained testers to conduct physical property testing of various fabrics.