nüwa Series

Nuwa, the creator of humanity and the world's first environmentalist,
our brand "nüwa" takes its inspiration and focuses on offering creative and eco-friendliness products.


Sustainable Outdoor Equipment Fabric

nüwa® is a brand that focuses on offering eco-friendliness and sustainability fabrics. With a promise of "To Provide Fabrics That Hold the World Together."

nüwa® aims to make outdoor equipment more sustainable. We develop fabrics that use recycled and durable materials, and use responsible manufacturing practices, which means no harmful chemicals are used, water use is limited, use less energy, achieve emissions reductions, and create a safe and healthy work environment.

The nüwa® Story

nüwa® takes its inspiration and name from the world's first environmentalist, the ancient Chinese goddess Nuwa.

Nuwa, the creator of humanity, stood before the four corners of the fallen and torn sky. The water god, Gong Gong, and the fire god, Zhu Rong, engaged in battle and rent a hole in the firmament. The forests burst into flame, water flooded the lowlands, and dragons and other fantastic beasts attacked. Mortals were defenseless.

Nuwa, grieving for her creation, collected precious stones and melted them. She mended the sky with this molten mixture of stones, and propped it up with the legs of a giant turtle she had slain, saving her beloved populace.

Nuwa is dedicated to protecting the world. And so are nüwa®. nüwa® provides fabrics that hold the world together.

Collections of nüwa® Fabric

Development in line with market trends, more than 200 nüwa® fabrics launched each year, we consistently provide our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • nüwa® eco
    The collection of eco-friendly series, one is "NüCycle™", which uses recycled materials from post-industrial or post-consumer waste, another is "NüSolution™", which reduces the use of water and chemicals from dyeing process.
    We have been consistently dedicated to new developments in order to provide greener products and solutions.
  • nüwa® select
    The collection of iconic series, which selected from over ten thousand fabrics, classified by the types of woven fabrics: material, pattern, performance and finishing.

Sustainability of nüwa® Fabric

Our production processes meet the highest global standards for sustainability in the textile industry is proved by the partnership concluded with bluesign®, and act responsibly and sustainably with regard to people, the environment and resources.
  • Eco Processing
    - PFOA / PFOS free
    - PVC-free lamination
    - Water based coating
    - TPEE film lamination
    - Solvent-free lamination
    - Recyclable Nylon membrane
  • Eco Materials
    - Recycled Nylon
    - Recycled Polyester
    - Solution dyed (aka. Dope dyed)

Benefits of nüwa® Fabric

nüwa® fabrics provide options for a full range of products for outdoor activities. Using low-impact materials and processes, we never compromise on quality and functionality.
  • Eco-Friendly
    - Minimizing chemical use and CO2 emissions
    - Efficient use of water and energy
    - Able to be recyclable
  • Functional
    - Water repellent
    - High tenacity
    - Abrasion resistant
    - Waterproof
    - Lightweight
    - Breathable

nüwa eco

nüwa eco

nüwa eco
nüwa select

nüwa select

nüwa select
Latest Collection

Latest Collection

Latest Collection