The brand "HONYI" was launched in 2012 by Honmyue after integrating the company's sunshade and outdoor upholstery fabrics. In Chinese mythology, Hou Yi was a brave who had shot nine suns to save people's life. In ancient time there used to be ten suns taking turns to rise and fall and therefore making days and nights. But one day they had an argument and all flew up to the sky, causing the earth to scorch and the seas to dry up. Hou Yi, a grand archer and courageous man, was summoned by the Emperor in heaven to discipline those suns. Hou Yi felt very sad when he saw the suffered people and creatures on earth. He immediately grabbed arrows out of his quiver and shot down nine suns one by one. He then ordered the last one to rise and fall regularly. Gradually, plants emerged, rivers flew, and breeze blew. People started to live a good life again.

Aiming to enhance the quality of people's indoor and outdoor life, "HONYI" focuses on offering sun resistant, energy conserving and comfortable products. The brand creates its value by research and innovation, refines its quality by dedication and service, and cares for the environment by acting for a better life. With a vision of "BETTER LIVING, FOR ALL", "HONYI" stands for a life attitude as well as an aesthetic style.