HONYI Series

Hou Yi, a warrior who shot nine suns down to save human's life,
our brand "HONYI" takes its inspiration and focus on offering sun-resistant and comfortable products.

Sun Resistant Upholstery Sustainable Fabric

HONYI is a range of composite fabrics for indoor / outdoor solar screen applications. Depending on your outside view requirements, they can be transparent, light-filtering or even blackout to improves the energy efficiency of buildings. In a board range of colors, performance and idea for decorative usage to suit your requirements for indoor blinds, patio or porch.
HONYI’s Solar Screen is a durable and tough vinyl mesh synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester woven yarn that is formulated to withstand solar abuse and endure years of outdoor use.
Aiming to enhance the quality of people's indoor and outdoor life, "HONYI" focuses on offering sun resistant, energy conserving, and comfortable products. The brand creates its value by research and innovation, refines its quality by dedication and service, and cares for the environment by acting for a better life. With a vision of "BETTER LIVING, FOR ALL", "HONYI" stands for a life attitude as well as an aesthetic style.

Who is Hou Yi?

In Chinese mythology, Hou Yi was a brave who had shot nine suns to save people's life. In ancient time there used to be ten suns taking turns to rise and fall and therefore making days and nights. But one day they had an argument and all flew up to the sky, causing the earth to scorch and the seas to dry up. Hou Yi, a grand archer and courageous man, was summoned by the Emperor in heaven to discipline those suns. Hou Yi felt very sad when he saw the suffered people and creatures on earth. He immediately grabbed arrows out of his quiver and shot down nine suns one by one. He then ordered the last one to rise and fall regularly. Gradually, plants emerged, rivers flew, and breeze blew. People started to live a good life again.

Collections of HONYI Fabric

  • HONYI original
    "HONYI Original" offers a perfect balance between design, transparency, and thermal comfort, delivering a refined finish to any space.
  • HONYI Design
    "HONYI Design" has a rich texture and durable weave, providing better performance and visual look.
  • HONYI Nature
    "HONYI Nature" uses textured yarn and a multistep finishing process to give a natural look with comfortable touching, simultaneously ensures unsurpassed durability.

Finding the right light control and privacy for every space

HONYI series fabrics are ideal for window screen fabrics, interior roller shade, and exterior sun control fabrics, as well as providing suitable privacy that will maintain your view but block outside visibility. They are very easy to clean, durable, and maintain. Made from PVC-coated polyester woven yarn, this screen fabric looks great in any indoor environment and is a great energy-efficient solution.
Explore our HONYI collection of vinyl mesh synthetic fabric available in sheer, light-filtering, and black-out fabrics.

  • Solar Shade Fabric
    Offers UV-block protection, heat resistance protection and Flame-retardant. Fade resistant fabric available in various degrees of light transparency.

  • Light Filtering Fabric
    Offers privacy while allowing some opacity to slightly luminate through the shade fabric, suiting both commercial and living spaces.

  • Blackout Fabric
    No outside light will pass through the shade fabric, offering you complete darkness from morning to night.

Blackout Fabric

Benefits of HONYI Fabric

Each of our roller shade fabrics have unique features that designed performance based on our customer's needs.

  • Energy Saving
    The fabric can reduce energy consumption by minimizing the need for air conditioning and other air cooling equipment in summer and winter – block the heat that enters a room in summer and keep warmth in a room in winter.
  • Visual Comfort
    When sufficient sunlight is available, nature daylight is preferred rather than artificial light in building. HONYI Solar Screen also filters the incoming daylight to prevent annoying reflection in computer screens.
  • Transparency
    Different openness factors allow undistorted view toward the outside while maintaining the privacy inside.
  • UV Block Protective
    Deduction of excessive sunlight – blockage of UV A/B ray.
  • Excellent Durability
    Woven from Vinyl-coated high tenacity polyester which gives better stability and allows for excellent rolling and unrolling after years. Further, HONYI Solar screen is anti-stain and easy to clean.
  • High Color-fastness to Light
    High resistance to the effects of sunlight on the fabric. The color will not fade when exposed to continuous sunlight. (ISO 105 B02:2000)
  • Fire Retardant
    Fire-resistance fabric that is able to pass international fire retardant requirement.
  • Anti-mold and Antibacterial
    Anti-mold and Anti-bacterial treatment can be added to kill different kind of bacteria and mites, including house dust mite. It will keep a cleaner and healthier environment and prevent illness such as allergy, asthma, skin infections and etc. (ASTM G21-96)
  • Environmental Friendly
    Free from fiber glass, lead or any other toxic heavy material. Adopt green PVC that is compliant to RoHS and REACH standard.
  • Wide Collection
    Offer various types of Openness Factor from <1%, 3%, 5%, 8%, 10% to 20%. A wide collection is classified by weaving pattern and thickness to be used with different type of application. (Microscopic Method)
Weaving pattern & Color of HONYI FabricPatternsWant to have rich texture of your solar screen?
HONYI Design collection includes texture fabrics with a vision look.
  • Plain
  • Twill
  • Dobby
  • Birch
  • Stripe
  • Diamond
  • Dual
  • Metallic
  • Wrinkle
ColorsNot only black colors, but also available in multiple colors from beige to iron, so you don’t have to settle for a dark color to block out the light. Just choose the color which you want to decorate.Applications of HONYI Fabric
  • Interior / Exterior Solar Screen
  • Roller Shade
  • Panel Blinds
  • Light Adjusting Curtain
The above displays aren't the extent of what you can do with blockout though. You can use it to shield almost anything from excess light. Feel free to ask us if we can apply this fabric to your product.
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