Honmyue is a fabric supplier delivering on a promise of eco-awareness and creative fabric development.




nüwa takes its inspiration and name from the world's first environmentalist, the ancient Chinese goddess Nüwa.

Nüwa, the creator of humanity, stood before the four corners of the fallen and torn sky. The water god, Gong Gong, and the fire god, Zhu Rong, engaged in battle, rended a hole in the firmament. The forests burst into flame, water flooded the lowlands, and dragons and other fantastic beasts attacked. Mortals were defenseless.

Nüwa, grieving for her creation, collected precious stones and melted them. She mended the sky with this molten mixture of stones, and propped it up with the legs of a giant turtle she had slain, saving her beloved populace.

nüwa aims to protect the environment, we focus on offering eco-friendliness and sustainability products. With a promise of "WE PROVIDE FABRICS THAT HOLD THE WORLD TOGETHER"